Welcome to Reba Archive!

This site has been a long time coming.  I have gone from “yes, let’s do the site” to “no, I’m not about to do this site” and back to “yes, let’s do the site” – and here we are. 

My Collection

There’s a LOT of planning I’ve put into this site – and as you can see with the photo of part of my collection above – a lot of content I have for it – and I’m going to get to that. I’m just going to update this once or twice a week until everything’s done – including as much as I can along the way!

What I’d like to ultimately do is archive every album, compilation, etc., with as much information about each release as I can – as I uncover more information about her vast discography in my travels.  These sections will have lyrics, audio clips (if I can find a reliable place to host 90 second clips of everything she’s ever recorded), photography, charting information, liner notes, and other exclusive items.

Keep following us on Twitter: @RebaArchive as I’ll post whenever I’ve made updates here to the site – and I’ll hope to continue to break news whenever I can!

In the meantime – please contact me if you have any questions, suggestions for the site, or would like to show off some of your Reba collection – I’m always up to seeing what you have and for a great discussion about it!

Thank you for your support!