Behind The Scene

Behind The Scene

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Label: Polygram Mercury
 September 1983
Produced by: Jerry Kennedy

Catalog Numbers:

  • 812 781-1 M-1 (LP)
  • SRM-1-4084 (Canada LP)
  • MCR-4-1-4084 (Cassette)
  • MC-8-1-4084 (8-Track)
  • 812 781-2 (CD)
  • 812 781-4 M1 (Reissue Cassette)
  • 314 520 517-4 (Reissue CD)
  • 314 520 517-4 (Reissue Cassette)

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Track Listing:

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1. Love Isn’t Love (‘Til You Give It Away)
Writers: Timmy Tappan, Dan Roth
2. Is It Really Love
Writers: Dan Scott Hare, Rita Gannon
3. Reasons
Writer: Reba McEntire
4. Nickel Dreams
Writers: Mac McAnally, Danny Lowery
5. One Good Reason
Bob DiPiero, Johnny MacRae
6. You Really Better Love Me After This
Writers: Bill Rice, Mary S. Rice
7. There Ain’t No Future In This
Writers: Bill Rice, Mary S. Rice
8. Why Do We Want (What We Know We Can’t Have)
Writers: Don King, David Woodward
9. I Sacrificed More Than You’ll Ever Lose
Writers: Beverly J. Carlton, James L. Benton
10. Pins And Needles
Writers: Janis Carnes, Rick Carnes, Chip Hardy

Album Credits:


Recorded & mixed at Sound Stage Studios in Nashville, Tennessee

Engineers: Brent King, assisted by Lee Groitzsch & Tim Kish

Originally Mastered by Hank Williams at Master Mix in Nashville, Tennessee

Mastering for Compact Disc by Phil Austin at Trutone Records in Haworth, New Jersey

Harmony Vocals: Reba McEntire
Background Vocals: Yvonne Hodges, Doris King & Trish Williams

Musicians: David Briggs, Jerry Carrigan, Gene Chrisman, Ray Edenton, Mark Feldman, Jon Goin, Jerry Kennedy, Mike Leech, Farrell Morris, Weldon Myrick, Bill Puett, Dale Sellers, Buddy Spicher, Bobby Thompson, Pete Wade, Chip Young & The Nashville String Machine – George Binkley, John David Boyle, Marvin Chantry, Roy Christensen, Daniel Furth, Carl Gorodetzky, Lennie Haight, Phyllis Hiltz, Dennis Molchan, Walter Schwede, Gary Vanosdale, Pamela Vanosdale, Kristin Wilkinson & Stephanie Woolf

Album Graphics: Barnes & Company
Art Direction: Bill Barnes
Design: Deb Mahalanobis
Photography: Mario Casilli

All tracks courtesy of Mercury / Nashville Records, under license from PolyMedia, a division of PolyGram Group Distribution, Inc.
Project Coordination: Tracy Werbel
Design: Bob Defrin Design

Other Information:

This album was reissued by Polygram Special Markets in 1998 with a new cover:

Behind The Scene Reissue

From Reba:

Success in any degree is never achieved by one person alone. They always need help. I’m sure glad the good Lord saw fit to give me lots of it.

This album is dedicated to all of those people who picked, sang, promoted, publicized, marketed, published, wrote, produced, played, supported, managed, booked, engineered, copied lyrics for me, and in general, just did a great job in the things they do.

It’s also dedicated to my road band and crew who I love dearly; my family, who got me started in all this; and Charlie ’cause when I’m tired and homesick he always says I can come home.

So, therefore, this album is released with hard work stamped on it—but it’s also covered with lots of love and affection from e and all of the folks behind the scene.


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Album Charting:

U.S. Billboard Top Country Albums #22


1982 – “I’m Not That Lonely Yet” – Billboard Country Singles #3
1982 – “Can’t Even Get The Blues No More” – Billboard Country Singles #1
1983 – “You’re The First Time I’ve Thought About Leaving” – Billboard Country Singles #1