Heart To Heart

Heart To Heart

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Label: Polygram Mercury
 September 1981
Produced by: Jerry Kennedy

Catalog Numbers:

  • SRM-1-6003 (LP)
  • SRM-1-6003 R-123802 (RCA Music Service LP)
  • MCR-4-1-6003 (Cassette)
  • MC-8-1-6003 (8-Track)
  • 822 887-2 (CD)
  • 826 283-4 (Cassette Reissue)

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Track Listing:

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1. Indelibly Blue
Writer: Jim Peterik
2. Ease The Fever
Writers: Bob Morrison, Bill Zerface, Jim Zerface
3. There Ain’t No Love
Writer: Pat McManus
4. How Does It Feel To Be Free
Writers: Stewart Harris, Keith Steagall
5. Only You (And You Alone)
Writers: Buck Ram, Ande Rand
6. Today All Over Again
Writers: Bobby Harden, Lola Jean Dillon
7. Gonna Love Ya (Till The Cows Come Home)
Writers: Rick Carnes, Susan Drake
8. Who?
Writers: Rick Carnes, Chip Hardy
9. Small Two-Bedroom Starter
Writers: Harry Shannon, Mitch Johnson
10. Love By Love
Writers: Bill Zerface, Jim Zerface, Bob Morrison, Johnny MacRae

Album Credits:

Produced by Jerry Kennedy 

Recording & Mixing Engineer: Brent King
Assistant Engineer: Steve Fralick & Mike Psanos
Recorded & Mixed at: Sound Stage Studios, Nashville, Tennessee
Mastering: Hank Williams/Woodland Mastering, Nashville, Tennessee
Digitally Re-Mastered by Suha Gur at PolyGram Studios

String Arrangements by D. Bergen White
Musicians appearing on this album: Jerry Carrigan, Ray Edenton, Gordon Kennedy, Jerry Kennedy, Mike Leech, Weldon Myrick, Hargus “Pig” Robbins, Pete Wade, Chip Young and The Shelly Kurland Strings – George Binkley III, John David Boyle, Marvin Chantry, Roy Christensen, Conni Ellisor, Carl Gorodetzky, Martin Katahn, Shelly Kurland, Martha McCrory, Dennis Molchan, Sam Terranova, Gary Vonosdale & Stephanie Woolf

Background Vocalists appearing on this album: Reba McEntire, Susie McEntire, Tom Brannon, Yvonne Hodges, Louis Nunley, Ricky Page, Ricky Skaggs, D. Bergen White, Trish Williams & Dennis Wilson

Ricky Skaggs appears through the courtesy of Epic Records

2005 Budget Reissue

On July 25, 2005, Universal Music’s Special Products Division reissued the album at a budget price. Below is part of the marketing plan they sent to retailers to promote this release.

When you stop to think about it, Reba McEntire has had an amazing streak of success. Granted, it’s been marred by several unplanned events along the way, but that turmoil is all overshadowed when you hear her sparkling vocal work. She’s been recognized by the CMA on several occasions—for very good reason. And her talent hasn’t been limited to the world of recording. Both through her stage work and currently by way of her highly successful eponymous TV show, Reba delights millions of new and older fans alike.

In the tradition of the great Patsy Cline, Reba offered her interpretations of songs that have run the gamut of emotions straight from the heart and directly to their target. Chart-making hits from this album—a roller coaster ride of sentimentality in song from beginning to end—where the brokenhearted tale, the No. 5 “Today All Over Again” and the classic pop song once popularized by the Platters, “Only You (And You Alone),” that reached the No. 13 for Reba (comparisons to Reba and Patsy are inevitable).

The mid-tempo ballad “Indelibly Blue” showed trace of that other misty-colored tune, but in a country manner. “There Ain’t No Love” praised the positive side of a warm and caring relationship when it made the statement, “there ain’t no love like yours for me…” Conversely, the sad theatrical-styled “How Does It Feel To Be Free” dealt with a relationship that was on a downturn.

With an obvious twinkle in her eye and a warmth in her voice, “Gonna Love Ya (Till The Cows Come Home)” converged with pure country chemistry. Reba and her production team knew how to pick ’em. The songs were for everyone. “Small Two-Bedroom Starter” dealt with the tribulations of life, family values and faith in the long term power of love.

Accordingly “Love By Love” provided the appropriate lyric from its verses that ended up as the title of this heartwarming and pleasant down-home treat of an album—courtesy of a fiery-haired superstar in the world of entertainment.

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Album Charting:

U.S. Billboard Top Country Albums #42


1981 – “Today All Over Again” – Billboard Country Singles #5
1981 – “Only You (And You Alone)” – Billboard Country Singles #13