Out Of A Dream

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Label: Phonogram Mercury
 September 1979
Produced by: Jerry Kennedy

Catalog Numbers:

  • SRM-1-5017 (LP)
  • MCR4-1-5017 (Cassette)
  • MC8-1-5017 (8-Track)
  • 836 331-2 (Cassette Reissue)
  • 836 331-2 (CD)
  • 314 520 518-2 (1998 CD Reissue)

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Track Listing:

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1. (I Still Long To Hold You) Now And Then
Writer: Jerry Fuller
2. Daddy
Writer: Reba McEntire
3. Last Night, Ev’ry Night
Writers: Bob Morrison, Jim Zerface, Bill Zerface
4. Make Me Feel Like A Woman Wants To Feel
Writer: Dana Collins
5. That Makes Two Of Us (with Jacky Ward)
Writer: Jerry Fuller
6. Sweet Dreams
Writer: Don Gibson
7. I’m A Woman
Writers: Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller
8. Rain Fallin’
Writer: Charlie Black
9. Runaway Heart
Writer: Paul Harrison
10. It’s Gotta Be Love
Writers: Terry Skinner, J.L. Wallace

Album Credits:

Produced by – Jerry Kennedy 

String and Flute arrangements on “(I Still Long To Hold You) Now And Then”, “Last Night, Ev’ry Night”, “That Makes Two Of Us”, “Sweet Dreams”, “Rain’ Fallin” and “Runaway Heart” by D. Bergen White
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Tom Sparkman

Assistant Engineers: Brent King, Mike Psanos, & Tommy Strong
Recorded & Mixed at Sound Stage Studios & Young’un Sound – Nashville
Mastering: M.C. Rather/Columbia Record Productions
Digitally Re-Mastered by Gary Mayo at PolyGram Studios

Background Vocalists appearing on this album: Reba McEntire, Millie Kirkman, Laverna Moore, Trish Williams, The Jordanaires – Hoyt Hawkins, Neal Matthews, Gordon Stoker & Ray Walker

Musicians appearing on this album: Jerry Carrigan, Gene Chrisman, Johnny Christopher, Buddy Harman, Gordon Kennedy, Jerry Kenendy, Mike Leech, Weldon Myrick, Billy Puett, Hargus “Pig” Robbins, Henry Strzelecki, Pete Wade, Chip Young & The Shelly Kurland Strings

Photography: Ken Kim
Make-up: Pat Barnes

Art Direction/Album Design: Jim Schubert/AGI

Available on Musicassettes and stereo 8 track tapes: MCR4-1-5017/MC8-1-5017

This record has been engineered and manufactured in accordance with standards developed by the Recording Industry Association of America, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to betterment of recorded music and literature.

“THAT MAKES TWO OF US” with JACKY WARD also available on Mercury’s LP# SRM-1-5021, “THE BEST OF JACKY WARD… UP ‘TIL NOW,” released August 1979.

Other Information:

This album was reissued by Polygram Special Markets in 1998 with a new cover:

Out Of A Dream Reissue

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December 1978 – “Last Night Ev’ry Night” – Billboard Country Singles #28
May 1979 – “Runaway Heart” – Billboard Country Singles #36
October 1979 – “That Makes Two Of Us” – Billboard Country Singles #26
October 1979 – “Sweet Dreams” – Billboard Country Singles #19
January 1980 – “(I Still Long To Hold You) Now And Then” – Billboard Country Singles #40