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Label: Polygram Mercury
 June 1982
Produced by: Jerry Kennedy

Catalog Numbers:

  • SRM-1-4047 (LP)
  • SRM-1-4047 R 104786 (RCA Music Service LP)
  • MC-8-1-4047 (8-Track)
  • MCR-4-1-4047 (Cassette)
  • MCR 4 1 4047 (Reissue Cassette)
  • 822 882-2 (CD)
  • 822 882-4 M-1 (Reissue Cassette)

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Track Listing:

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1. I’d Say You
Writer: Chuck Howard
2. Everything I’ll Ever Own
Writers: Johnny MacRae, Bob Morrison
3. What Do You Know About Heartache
Writers: Len Chiriacka, Mary Welch, Bob Morrison, Johnny MacRae
4. Out Of The Blue
Writers: Byron Hill, Robert A. Johnson
5. Over, Under And Around
Writers: Mark Miller, Robert Randall
6. I’m Not That Lonely Yet
Writers: Bill Rice, Mary S. Rice
7. Whoever’s Watchin’
Writers: Gary Morris, Kevin Welch
8. Old Man River (I’ve Come To Talk Again)
Writers: Ronny Scaife, Danny Hogan
9. You’re The First Time I’ve Thought About Leaving
Writers: Dicky Lee, Kerry Chater
10. Can’t Even Get The Blues No More
Writers: Thomas W. Damphier, Rick Carnes

Album Credits:


Recording & Mixing Engineers: Brent King/Sound Stage Studios; Rick McCollister/Woodland Sound Studios
Assistant Engineers: Steve Fralick & Tim Kish/Sound Stage Studios; Ken Criblez/Woodland Sound Studios
Recorded & Mixed at Sound Stage Studios & Woodland Sound Studios in Nashville, Tennessee
Mastering: Hank Williams at Woodland Mastering in Nashville, Tennessee
Mastering for Compact Disc by Phil Austin at Trutone Records in Haworth, New Jersey

Background Vocalists: REBA McENTIRE, Susie McEntire, Yvonne Hodges, Louis Nunley, Ricky Page, Bergen White, Trish Williams & Dennis Wilson

Musicians: Jerry Carrigan, Ray Edenton, Gordon Kennedy, Jerry Kennedy, Mike Leech, Kenny Malone, Bob Moore, Weldon Myrick, Charlie McCoy**, Hargus “Pig” Robbins, Buddy Spicher, Bobby Thompson, Pete Wade, Chip Young and The Nashville String Machine — George Binkley III, John Catchings, Marvin Chantry, Roy Christensen, Virginia Christensen, Carl Gorodetzky, Lennie Haight, Dennis Molchan, Chris Teal, Gary Vanosdale, Pamela Vanosdale & Stephanie Woolf

Hair / Makeup: Trevor Hunter
Stylist: Sherrie Nicol
Outfit courtesy of: Criscioni
Photography: Jim Houghton
Design / A.D.: Bob Heimall, Inc.

**Charlie McCoy appears courtesy of Monument Records Corporation

Also available on 8-Track (MC-8-1-4047) and Cassette (MCR-4-1-4047)

Other Information:

This album was originally titled Out Of The Blue.

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Album Charting:

U.S. Billboard Top Country Albums #22


1982 – “I’m Not That Lonely Yet” – Billboard Country Singles #3
1982 – “Can’t Even Get The Blues No More” – Billboard Country Singles #1
1983 – “You’re The First Time I’ve Thought About Leaving” – Billboard Country Singles #1